Morrow Barn Today

Today, The Penn Hebron Garden Club remains an active club, whose 90+ members undertake all manner of community service, while having a bit of fun in the process.  The club’s current President is Mrs. Patricia G. Bond.  In early 2012, just as the members of the Club found themselves pondering the future of their club and clubhouse, an opportunity to enter into a unique and mutually beneficial partnership with the Penn Hills Community Development Corporation arose.

morrow barn

In late 2012, an agreement was reached between the Penn Hills Community Development Corporation (PHCDC) and the Penn Hebron Garden Club (PHGC) granting the management of the clubhouse to the PHCDC.  During this arrangement, the PHGC continued to pursue its activities in its longtime home, while at the same time the PHCDC, a non-profit entity (501-C-3), utilized the revenue from the management of the building to insure that the PHCDC would continue to grow.   That contract reached its end in November 2014, but both organizations continue to serve the Penn Hills community at large.

The PHGC may, in the future, pursue availing the facility to other Penn Hills community service organizations for meeting space.  Please contact the PHGC by phone or email for further details.

Currently, the PHGC is proud to offer this lovely venue as the home of the renowned Penn Hills Coffeehouse acoustic music concert series.  Don’t miss our free music and delicious treats provided for sale. Check Penn Hebron Garden Club Facebook page for concert events.

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